In another land, where videomakers are awesome!

Hello there, it’s been a while since I set foot onto this land of words. But that’s because I’ve busy with an actual life! (just kidding, I’ve just been lazy).

But while I was away, I have been searching for inspiration, material for my abandoned child (aka, this cute little blog that you’re reading) in ways that could make it more awesome and enticing.

WIthout further adiu, I present to you some interesting stuff that I found online – YOUTUBERS THAT YOU SHOULD KNOW BY NOW.

I’m sure all of you heard of nigahiga, kevjumba, wongfuproductions by now. Well, if you haven’t, were you living in a cave all these years?? Where have you been!

But now, I’m here to present to you some new ones that I’ve discovered over the period that I was away –


Well in the category of beauty, I’ve found out about ESSIEBUTTON. Essiebutton’s real name is Estee. Hailing from Canada, she makes beauty videos and occasional vlogs and tag videos. She has a super bubbly personality and is hilarious whenever she films. She also has a blog where she documents her videos in written form. Like I said, originally from Canada, she moved to the UK a few years ago to live with her boyfriend, which she met online. Risky eh? I don’t think I would ever be able to do that… But she and her boyfriend are just super sweet and there doesn’t seem to be a problem between them yet. They even have a blog together where they share how they spend their date nights or adventurous maneuvours with everyone. That’s just adorable isn’t it? Do check her out if you have time or into beauty like me!


For spoofs and drama, I have two youtubers to introduce to you. One is NANALEW & the other one is MEEKAKITTYThey’re awesome because they’re so nerdy that it’s funny. Being the nerdy me, I’m always excited to see other people who are just as nerdy as I am or when they make references to books/movies that nobody else gets but you! Nanalew (aka Shawna) even made a spin-off series of Hermoine from Harry Potter. Watch the series here.

For Meekakitty (aka Tessa), she makes mostly music videos. And I especially like Love You Like A Love Song & Wizard Love. Love You Like A Love Song is more like a parody/ spoof taking the song to a whole different level by interpreting it in a psychotic way to say the least, which I find pretty cool. Wizard Love is about Harry Potter (OBVI!) and that’s just pure amazingness. She invited the heyhihello to perform the song and film the music video with her. Visual effects were pretty cool, considering they’re not working on hollywood resources. And did I mention Meekakitty has red hair? Super Rad Guuuuurl.

Wizard Love

If you’re a Harry Potter nerd like me, I’m sure you will find them as interesting as I do.


For this category, I also have two. One is Charlieissocoollike and the other one is Danisnotonfire. Charlieissocoollike is a channel owned by Charlie McDonnell.

He is just pure awesomeness in human form. He does a variety of videos but they’re so entertaining and educational at the same time. For example, he did a series of Challenge Charlie where he accepts challenges from subscribers and film him doing them on videos. He once painted his whole body in purple paint, fit as many marshmallows as he can in his mouth, dyed his hair red, just to name a view. Another series that he did, was that he would pick a topic that his subscribers would like him to talk about, and then go into great depths and details about it. Most of his topics revolve around science, for example, light, noise, randomness, stars, etc. And you’d think he would just be super lame and just talk about all the science behind these topics, but hell no. His videos are nicely filmed and executed, well thought out and very detailed. Here is his recent one –


For Danisnotonfire, his videos are very similar to Nigahiga’s except that he speaks in a British accent, which instantly increases the coolness of his videos to about 1000000 times. I kid you not.

If you’re familiar with Nigahiga’s videos you would know that Ryan does Off the Pill videos where he rambles on and on about things that pisses him off in a way that you would find it funny more than anything. For Dan, it’s almost the same. In one of his videos, he talks about how he got fired, how he got caught in a spiral of lies, and how he pranked one of his fans through the phone once he found out he was being stalked by them. JUST HILARIOUS! I can’t get over how much time these Youtubers have put into making their videos. Most of times it’s not just them talking, it’s them brining in costumes, collaborating with other Youtubers for music parts, sets, locations, scripts, and many more.


For Fashion, my dear, it’s clothesencounters hands down. Clothesencounters is a duo of Jenn and Sarah (well at least it used to, I miss you Sarah!). Originally from the LA area, Jenn and Sarah combine amazing cinematography with their impeccable taste for near-perfect fashion videos where they would style different pieces of clothing. Jenn’s amazing editing skills is just what makes Clothesencounters stand out from a crowd of fashion videos. If you’re a fashionista, then make sure to check Jenn from Clothesencounters out. Her taste in music, fashion and photography makes her one of the top people on my girl crush list.

Well well. I think I’m going off for now. Hope you enjoyed my long over due post. Heh. BYYYYE!


One thought on “In another land, where videomakers are awesome!

  1. So for EssieButton, my comment is that profile picture looks a bit different than how she actually looks like. Anyways, that was a sidetrack, what I did want to say is that blogging about your date seems odd. It feels like you’re going on dates because you would like to share, it almost seems like a mission to go on dates.

    For the others I don’t know what to say, perhaps, you’re on YouTube a bit too much hahah

    I find the ClothesEncounter interesting though, her videos are well-made.

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