Story Instalment 9: Swallowing Egos.

ON BLACKBERRY SCREEN. LARUEN READS A MESSAGE FROM BARBARA. Barbara: “So…? How did your presentation go? Celebratory drinks?” SEEN 15:40PM. Laura didn’t want to reply. She had more important things on her mind at the moment. FLASHBACK LOCKS TURNING. DOOR OPENING. HEELS HITTING THE HARDWOOD FLOOR MAKING A HUGE THUMP SOUND. A MAN’S VOICE COMES YELLING FROM […]


Funny how one song, one photo, one moment can take you back to a specific moment in time in the past, right back to the spot, right back to that feeling – that memory. some relationships aren’t meant to be but there is always a lesson to be learnt.  i guess our problem was: you were […]

Movie: The Great Gatsby

The long awaited Great Gatsby. I’ve been waiting for this movie to come out since last year. To me, this was a book that meant a lot to me. As a teenager reading it for English class, I was taken away by F.Scott Fitzgerald’s 1920’s flapper America. He described a world that was full of […]