Movie: Star Trek Into Darkness

So today my friend and I decided to check out the movie: Star Trek Into Darkness. I was a fan of the Star Trek franchise since JJ Abrams released his first one. I’ve never seen the old TV series but I can imagine it to be extremely exciting if I were to be living in the 1960s, with all the space race and NASA development. Now fast forward 50 years later, it’s amazing how the Star Trek franchise hasn’t lost its shine for one bit.

I’ve always been a big JJ Abrams fan. From his famous TV shows Lost, Fringe to movies like Super 8, Armageddon, I’ve always admired his talent and ability to materialize his idea of the outer space, create such complex screenplays to maintain that high level of intensity and enticement among the audience.

The first of the Star Trek movie was so good that I thought this one wouldn’t and couldn’t top it. But I was pleasantly surprised.

With this movie, one of the things that I loved about it was the visual effects of course. The signature JJ Abrams glare in almost all his scifi creations was unmistakably the icing on the cake. The way Enterprise rose from the ocean in the opening was just impeccable and left me in awe long after.

And let’s not forget the friendship depicted between Kirk and Spock. One ever so compulsive and trusts only his gut-feeling, the other judges everything by reason and logic. They’re like the yin and yang; one completes the other, and in modern terms urban dictionary, there’s definitely some major hot-human-alien-bromances going on, which I don’t mind watching at all. (Um, yes, just keep them comin’)

BUT, there are parts of the movie that I wish it didn’t happen or I wish it could have been delivered better. There were times when I thought I was watching The Transformers, especially when General Markus came on and did all the introduction about John Harrison (aka Khan) and the military invasion with the new Torpedos. I felt like that was a bit familiar and something I’ve seen before, with the same kind of lines and same kind of plot. The way it was presented was not interesting enough and I felt like it could have been handled better. The other thing I didn’t like was how Benedict Cumberbatch played John Harrison, he could have done better in my opinion. I understand why he acted all robotic when he delivered his lines, but I thought he wasn’t robotic enough. It was just kind of in the middle and wasn’t convincing enough. So I wasn’t sure what exactly was he trying to do – a human looking robot/alien? Or a robot-looking human? Not sure… One could argue he was trying to modernize Khan I suppose.

However, there was one character that stood out to me – Scott. Coincidentally, Scott had a Scottish accent, which I thought was hilarious and everytime he comes on, it was almost like a comic relief and I wish he could have a little more airtime. And because he did have a pivotal role near the end of the movie, I found myself holding my hands together hoping so hard that he wouldn’t die off.

And as most blockbusters will have it, there has to be some form of nudity/ sexual scenes. There’s not much in this one except for Blondie (Carol Markus) who just casually strips in front of Kirk to change into her uniform. But other than that, everything was fine. It was a movie which I spent 1/3 of it in awe, another 1/3 of it with sweats in my palms and the rest in tears because the relationship between characters were so beautiful.

I especially loved how the movie portrayed Spock to become more human and with more feelings. His explanation on the reason behind being so rational all the time and his fear of being so emotional gives the movie a nice human touch. I also enjoyed how Kirk and Spock interacted in the movie with Kirk having a little bit of Spock inside him and Spock having a bit of Kirk inside him. All in all, great movie with lots of action. Great job Abrams!

If you haven’t seen it yet, please do. Because if there’s one thing that tops sitting on your couch watching Game of Thrones, it’s watching Star Trek. It’s pretty amazing.

50 Random Things In My Room

Wanna see 50 random things in my room? WANNA? YOU WANNA? YOOOOU WAAAANAAAAAA??


DSC04950 DSC04949 DSC04945 DSC04944 DSC04962 DSC04961 DSC04960

book borrowed from the library // B&BW hand sanitizer // Octopus card // Extra watermelon flavoured mints // hair smoother spray // L’occitane hand cream // Origins Drink Up Mask

DSC04956 DSC04955 DSC04953

old phone case // earphones case // tickets the theatre “The Cherry Orchard”

DSC04952 DSC04951

 random M&S plastic bag // Fossil crossbody bag

DSC04959 DSC04957 DSC04946 DSC04943

Keihl’s face cream mini size // random box of tea // London Oyster card case with my cards of current use // keys and key chains

 DSC04942 DSC04941 DSC04939 DSC04938

company lanyard and card // agenda // hair clip // earphones

 DSC04937 DSC04936 DSC04935 DSC04934

Fossil rose gold studs // jewelry // contact lenses // coins

DSC04932 DSC04931 DSC04930

 sunglasses // 3D glasses // some of my books

DSC04913 DSC04912 DSC04910

pamphlet from Miss Dior Cherie exhibition // curling iron // masquerade mask from halloween

DSC04918 DSC04917 DSC04926 DSC04924

magazines bought from my UK trip // mr awkward octopus from a friend new white blazer from H&M // tissue box cover

DSC04920 DSC04908 DSC04906

 current commute read // MAC mineralize skinfinish // Galaxy s2 phone

DSC04905 DSC04929 DSC04919

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette // Korean & TWese sheet masks // lock for my suitcase

DSC04940 DSC04923 DSC04922 DSC04921 DSC04916 DSC04904

current work bag // earring holder // Fossil rose gold watch // a bottle of green tea // graduation gift from a friend 2 years ago // Burberry BODY perfume

DSC04909 DSC04927 DSC04915 DSC04914 DSC04907

make up brushes // Chloe perfume // painting painted by me 1 year ago // V for Vendetta wall-decor purchased from Portobello Market // Macbook Air

Picnic On My Mind

Picnic On My Mind
Gone a little crazy with Polyvore recently, making outfits after outfits to my hearts content. The weather here has been quite chilly lately, but good news is, it’s at least not humid and you can feel that brisk breeze from time to time. It’s always nice to have some fresh air in the city, especially when you live in such a densely populated one.
Another thing is that I’ve been really into sneakers too. I especially enjoy wearing my Vans. And these three outfits were inspired by those sneakers and I thought why not make a theme and based some outfits around them? Since summer is coming around, I thought a picnic theme would be appropriate. So here you go, three different outfits that I would probably wear to a picnic. I particularly enjoy pairing sleeveless shirts with shorts, there’s just something very picnicky about it. I would probably add a scarf on top just in case it gets chilly. Sandals are also a great idea because if you’re out picnic-ing, chances are the sun is out! And it’s definitely time to whip out those sandals while you can!
A straw bag is also a must for me if I’m doing anything outdoors in the summer. It’s so nautical and fresh that screams holiday to me.
These three outfits are the essence of my personal style. Let me know which one is your favourite!

Creepy Creepers

Creepy Creepers
Based this outfit around these creepers. I used to hate these shoes. I thought they were too big, clumpsy and such. But now that I know how I can style them, they don’t seem too bad now!
Decided to pair these shoes with a very simple silhouette and played it up with accessories. Had school outfit in mind if you can’t already tell – backpack and all. The backpack is so interesting in my opinion, it’s quite patchworky and has this Native American feel to it. I’d love to own one if I can get one around here somehow.
Tomorrow is Friday and I can’t wait for the weekend!
Happy Friday!