Quick Fixes



People desperately want quick fixes.

A couple days ago I find myself having a spitting headache. And immediately, I reached out for a Panadol. Quick, easy, no-brainer. And it’s symptom-specific, ie it deals with what it’s says it deal with – pain.

But as I broke the foil seal, I realise it’s not the pain I should be dealing with, I should be dealing with what is causing the pain, the real reason for the pain. What I need to look for is the cause, not the result. That’s when I notice that for so many things, I’ve only been dealing with the result, not the underlying cause. And honestly, nowadays, how many of us actually fix things, instead of just deal with the consequence? We simply move on too quickly. If your iphone doesn’t work, you’ll get a new phone. If there’s a hole in your shirt, you get a new one. And if your marriage doesn’t work, who cares? You can always get a divorce.

Our generation is just so much different from what our parents’ generation used to be. I still remember the time when my dad would fix everything. He would take upon all the fixing tasks in the house, put on his serious face and get going at it. He installed our TV back then, installed our toilet, fixed numerous furniture, shouldered the responsibility of being our home-designated electrician, plumber and gardener. But that time was long gone. Now nobody I know would even want to fix things. Tailors are obsolete and honestly who cares about fixing that hemline when you can get a pair of new ones with the same amount of money you pay a tailor to do it?

Is the root of the problem about economic efficiency, rendering everything available at such a cheap price that there’s no point in putting the effort into fixing a problem, and it’s more economical just to get a brand new replacement?

I’m just praying to lord that one day I don’t feel like that about family and relationships. I hope one day I’m not the one who’s calling quits on something that doesn’t work anymore without even trying to make it work.


One thought on “Quick Fixes

  1. Don’t pray. Just find the wrong and mend it. But easier said than done since it is relational.
    The factor of culture plays a role. If you have a certain amount of wealth, living at a certain class, associating with the certain people in a metropolitan city, the external circumstances you’re surrounded with are bound to interact with your attitude on various things in life. Quick fixes seem to associate more with people who succumb to the excuse that they’re too busy to care about the ‘minor things’. A ripped hem of a dress could be easily stitch back, but would you have time to deal with that if you’re working 10+ hours a day to come home to a ripped dress that needs fixing? Likewise, would you want to deal with a broken relationship when you don’t even see your aging parents once a month? All these things contribute; you give and you take. While your heart may desire to find the cause, you’re really just too choked up with the things on your plate.to care.
    People in the city rely on quick fixes as a remedy to find that moment of delusional relief before reality set back. At the end of the effect, your ripped dress will still be ripped, and your relationship is still a mess but time has already been wasted. So, what’s your pick?

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