Kenting, Taiwan

The next day, we took a two-hour bus ride to Kenting from Kaohsiung. I don’t remember much of the bus ride as I spent the majority of it sleeping and listening to music. When I woke up, it was already quite dark and we had to quickly find our way to our hostel. Our hostel is called Spoondrift. It’s a nice little hostel with yellow and white walls on the outside that is situated right across from Nan Wan, a local beach 10 minutes away from Kenting by bus. This hostel again, was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t expect much of it as the hostels we walked passed on our way to Spoondrift were not very well-lit and was quite old-looking. And since Spoondrift was kind of hidden away from the main road between old buildings, it was easy to miss. But as soon as we found it, we knew we made the right decision. My travel-nifty friend booked the hostel for us and we couldn’t be more happy about her choice. It was modern yet simple and refreshing. The owner of the hostel was really kind and welcoming. He helped us up with our luggage and quickly introduced us to the major facilities of the hostel and nearby buildings. The most amazing thing was that they had wifi, which we didn’t expect at all!


Spoondrift, our hostel


breakfast place


a simple breakfast

There wasn’t much of a view but everything was very clean and tidy. They even provided breakfasts for all of the 3 nights we stayed there. The next day we spent the majority of our day in a town called Hengcun, which is a town very close to Nan Wan, about 15 minutes drive on our scooters. Yes, we rented scooters! I highly recommend it, even if you don’t have a license! You don’t need a license to drive a scooter in Taiwan, and it’s perfectly safe. I didn’t have a license and was able to learn the hang of it in half an hour. The place we rented our scooters was called Harry Potter, and it was a little company by the side of the road on the way from Nan Wan to Kenting. The lady who ran the place was super nice and patient that she made sure we were all comfortable on the scooter before she let us rent them.

And off we went, venturing out to Hengcun. At Hengcun, we got to go to a few food places that our guidebook recommended. They were all decent and quite good in general. The streets were very old but special in its own way. Hengcun is an old town that once had a city wall all around it.


my ride



dessert place in Hengcun that serves green bean shaved ice. yummy yummy!


Go Karts! Great for a bit of adrenaline rush.

On our way back to Nan Wan, we saw a Go Kart place and decided to drop by and have a spin. We didn’t go for the highest power karts but it was fun enough for us ladies. It was my first time playing go karts but I already can’t wait to go on a second time with a higher cc kart!

And then for dinner, we had our usual night market stroll and came out of it with full tummies indeed.


It was such a fulfilling day, and had got us hyped for our tour around Kenting the next day! … to be continued …


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