Kaohsiung-Cijin, Taiwan

Hi guys, last weekend, my friends and I decided to get away and hop over to Taiwan for a bit of sunshine and relaxing time at the beach. So we booked tickets to a city in the southern part of Taiwan called Kaohsuing hoping to spend a day there and then go straight to a resort city called Kenting for some sun.


Kaohsiung is acity that I’ve never been before. Since everytime I go to Taiwan, I usually just visit Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, the southern part of Taiwan is a very foreign place to me and I didn’t know what was there. 

Kaohsiung was a pleasant surprise. As soon as we arrived at the airport, we quickly took the taxi to our hotel which is located at the tallest building in Kaohsiung called The Splendor to drop off our luggage before meeting up with our friend who lives there. Because there were 4 of us (including our Taiwan friend) staying there, we booked a suite that could accomodate all 4 of us. After some recuperating, we called up our friend and asked him to take us around town. First stop, he brought us to a place called Cijin. Cijin is a popular place among tourists and locals alike. It’s close to the ocean and has a souvenir/ food street where people can buy all sorts of street food and seafood as souvenirs. There is also a beach at the end of the Cijin main street and a fountain area where kids can play with water and bubbles to their hearts content. To get to Cijin, we first took the MRT (subway) to Siziwan. And after we got off, we rented a bike each and rode to the ferry terminal. Because Cijin is off on a separate little island only accessible by ferry, we decided it’d be a fun idea to take the bike there as a means of transportation as well in case we get tired of walking.

The ferry accommodates passengers both on foot or on bikes/ motorbikes, which is pretty cool. The whole ride was very refreshing and was really nice to enjoy the breeze on a short ferry trip despite weather being super hot and humid. The trip took us around 10-15 minutes excluding waiting time. I think it’s best for you to first check out the schedule of the ferry before going there because timetable varies and you don’t want to be stranded on the island at night after the last ferry took off.


on the ferry to Cijin


bikes we rented


the fountain area







We ended up spending the whole afternoon in Cijin and headed back to Kaohsiung for dinner at the Ruifeng night market. We were so exhausted after the trip to Cijin that we felt all sore the next day! But nonetheless, we had a lot of fun on the trip and was so happy to see our friend in Taiwan.


Little did we know, Kaohsiung was only the beginning of our trip. Kenting was even more amazing than we could have ever thought… to be continued…


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