Picnic On My Mind

Picnic On My Mind
Gone a little crazy with Polyvore recently, making outfits after outfits to my hearts content. The weather here has been quite chilly lately, but good news is, it’s at least not humid and you can feel that brisk breeze from time to time. It’s always nice to have some fresh air in the city, especially when you live in such a densely populated one.
Another thing is that I’ve been really into sneakers too. I especially enjoy wearing my Vans. And these three outfits were inspired by those sneakers and I thought why not make a theme and based some outfits around them? Since summer is coming around, I thought a picnic theme would be appropriate. So here you go, three different outfits that I would probably wear to a picnic. I particularly enjoy pairing sleeveless shirts with shorts, there’s just something very picnicky about it. I would probably add a scarf on top just in case it gets chilly. Sandals are also a great idea because if you’re out picnic-ing, chances are the sun is out! And it’s definitely time to whip out those sandals while you can!
A straw bag is also a must for me if I’m doing anything outdoors in the summer. It’s so nautical and fresh that screams holiday to me.
These three outfits are the essence of my personal style. Let me know which one is your favourite!

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