Movie: The Great Gatsby

The long awaited Great Gatsby. I’ve been waiting for this movie to come out since last year. To me, this was a book that meant a lot to me. As a teenager reading it for English class, I was taken away by F.Scott Fitzgerald’s 1920’s flapper America. He described a world that was full of […]

Movie: Star Trek Into Darkness

So today my friend and I decided to check out the movie: Star Trek Into Darkness. I was a fan of the Star Trek franchise since JJ Abrams released his first one. I’ve never seen the old TV series but I can imagine it to be extremely exciting if I were to be living in […]

50 Random Things In My Room

Wanna see 50 random things in my room? WANNA? YOU WANNA? YOOOOU WAAAANAAAAAA?? GO!        book borrowed from the library // B&BW hand sanitizer // Octopus card // Extra watermelon flavoured mints // hair smoother spray // L’occitane hand cream // Origins Drink Up Mask old phone case // earphones case // tickets the theatre […]

Picnic On My Mind

Picnic On My Mind by cherileung-1 featuring a racer back dress Gone a little crazy with Polyvore recently, making outfits after outfits to my hearts content. The weather here has been quite chilly lately, but good news is, it’s at least not humid and you can feel that brisk breeze from time to time. It’s […]