What I Hate About Canvas Bags

There are a few things that I don’t like –


As girls, granted that we often bring totes and crossbody bags with us, and if you’re wearing dark blue indigo jeans with a light colour bag, then good luck to you, you’re going to get your blue dye transferred from your jeans to your bag! Unless you wear a black or dark colour bag that will cover up the transfer, there is no way you can escape that tragic fate!

I love canvas bags. They’re easy to work with because they’re so casual. And I also love wearing skinny jeans, ALSO because they go with absolutely everything in my wardrobe and I don’t need to fuss around with pairing this pair of pants with that blouse or something. But here, you see why I’m so torn now? You see why I have such a love hate relationship with canvas bags NOW?

If I had to wear skinny jeans, with every movement I make, I will either have to walk with my bag held way up high above my waist/butt to avoid rubbing and transferring, or I will have to hold the handle of my bag instead of putting it on my shoulder. If you’re a boy then good for you, because you will never know how much pain that is! Either that or I don’t wear any sort of blue jeans at all. But again, blue jeans are all I have right now. So I can’t really do anything but to hold my bag away from my body as I walk, which makes me look like a retard or just really awkward.

Can somebody just invent some non-transferrable jeans already? :(


One thought on “What I Hate About Canvas Bags

  1. apparently people wash their jeans in vinegar or salt to prevent their jeans from doing that. yeah, I’ve messed up light coloured shoes/ jackets in the same manner. or you could just wait until you’ve washed your jeans 20 times and they’re all faded before you wear with them anything light coloured? FWP!

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