Photo Diary: Bristol

Had three remaining days for the UK so we decided to take 3 short trips to 3 different cities around the country. My friend studies in Bristol so we based our trips around Bristol and went back to her place after each trip. We basically overestimated how much time we would spend in each place and we could have booked an earlier train ticket back, but it was alright considering we could then have a nice and relaxing dinner without having to worry about catching the train. So here are the results of the last 3 days of short trip –



Cliffton Suspension Bridge – many designs were submitted and rejected due to cost issues before this one won the hearts of judges


delicious pizza and quesadilla lunch at a cool pub


tones of cool street art scattered around the city of Bristol




went for a cool psych movie and ended the night with a really nice meal at the Watershed center

the movie was called “compliance” and it was amazing! it was a movie made based on true events about a waitress at a fast food chain being sexually assaulted through a phone call made by someone who claims to be a policeman investigating a crime. if you’re interested in seeing how easily the human minds are accustomed to follow orders and  authoritarian control, you will definitely enjoy this one. my friend and I were so emotionally charged after watching this movie we had to power walk up a hill to calm ourselves down, haha!



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