Waist coats/ Vests

Waist coats/ Vests by cherileung-1 featuring illustrated people How would you style waist coats/ vests? I thought hard and long enough and came up with a few outfit ideas. Here I found 3 types of waist coats and tried to style them around different items to channel 3 different feel. I love the yellow pants […]

If You Think You Can, You Can

Yesterday was an emotional roller coaster to me. Not only did I make one of the most important decisions in my life, I also witnessed a lot of ends. Maybe I should start you off with some background information: the team that I belong to at my company consists of mainly 7 people. 3 planners, […]

Photo Diary: Manchester

Off to Manchester on a morning train. The weather was amazing – blue sky and sun! University of Manchester The trams in Manchester reminds me of San Francisco! For a city that isn’t too big, they have so many different means of transportation. Stumbled upon the Piccadilly Street/ Food Market – saw a man selling […]

Photo Diary: Oxford

Next Stop: Oxford the Oxford Canal was a bit anticlimatic… visited the Oxford Castle which used to be a tower of defence and a prison and was still in operation till 1996! at the top of the mound where Oxford Castle used to stand before it got burnt down then there were tons of college-sightseeing […]

Photo Diary: Bristol

Had three remaining days for the UK so we decided to take 3 short trips to 3 different cities around the country. My friend studies in Bristol so we based our trips around Bristol and went back to her place after each trip. We basically overestimated how much time we would spend in each place […]