I can’t even begin to say how much I love this book. It was a book that I started reading just because all the cool kids were reading it. I didn’t even know what the story was about when I started, and for god’s sake, I fell asleep reading the first chapter. But luckily, that wasn’t for long. I quickly got into the swing of things and started thoroughly enjoying the book by following the footsteps of Harry. Soon later, the Chamber of Secrets, the Prizoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire, Order of Phoenix, Half Blood Prince, and the Deathly Hollows were one by one challenged and conquered.

I remember enjoying the journeys through Diagon Alley, giggling at the stupid (then thought creative) puns and wordplays, wishing that I had brothers like George and Fred, or had the opportunity to visit Ollivander’s to pick my own wand… I remember the moment when I read that Dumbledore was killed, shocked to find out who the Half Blood Prince was, saddened when Sirius died, blown away by the Quidditch games, tournament, such high degree to detail of a well-constructed wizardry world…

But as I read on, I couldn’t draw more parallels between the world of Harry Potter and mine. The exams, the Ministry of Magic, the schools, the laws were all very familiar. It was precisely the similarities between the two seemingly very different worlds that urged me to read on, to find out what lies ahead, what could the possibilities be if our world really had a school where people learned magic, brewed potions and cast charms. What if the cat next door was actually a human spying on us waiting for the right time to reveal itself so it can tell me that I’m being accepted to Hogwarts!

The fantasy world of Harry Potter had brought me more than just a story. JK Rowling had more than just written a fiction. She had constructed a world that goes beyond pages of writing, a world that was built on courage, friendship and loyalty. Perhaps due to the reason she had written this book during her lowest time, when she was broke, was a single mother and had no where else to express her emotions other than putting them on paper. Harry Potter, very much like a Patronus, was her saviour, and she his. It was possible that her creation of the youthful protagonist was a reflection of how she wished her life would be… She wanted that youthfulness, she wanted to be Harry, she wish she had his courage, his best friends Ron and Hermione beside her, his mentor Dumbledore… In a way, Harry was what she wish she could be in a perfect world…

She wish she could fend away Death Eaters who were consuming her from within, casting them away with her happiest memories, and find someone who would guide her through her dark hours like Sirius Black.

Her imagination has touched thousands of people in so many ways. She inspired people to form communities, write fan fictions, create websites, which are based on the very true and core values of people iterated throughout the book over and over again: generosity, faith and courage.

She didn’t put Harry into Griffindor for no reason. She picked Griffindor because it symbolizes courage and strength. But she also put Peter Pettigrew, who is a Death Eater  in Griffindor, and Severus Snape, who turns out to be Harry’s guardian angel, in Slytherin. And just like that, JKR has cleverly re-written the definition of good and evil – there is in fact, no definite good or evil. The world is a very complicated place and there isn’t a rule of thumb for you to follow as to tell you who your friend is and who your enemy is – there is both in every one, and no one is one of either.

The friendship among Ron, Hermoine and Harry was another thing that won over the hearts of hundreds and thousands of fans. The sometimes reckless but loyal Ron, the smart but law-abiding Hermoine teamed up to become the perfect match for Harry to continue on the journey to fighting Voldemort. Together they make the dream team that everyone wish they had during their teenage years, when hormones were acting crazy and were having trouble searching for their own identity. JKR has managed to create something or rather someone that so many readers can relate to, adding to this series of book a flare of human touch.

Nonetheless, I would like to thank JKR for this amazing book. HP has changed me in so many different ways and given me a magical childhood.


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