Another Year – Goodbye 2012

Another year has come and gone. Out with 2012, in we go with 2013.

I used to be really excited for New Years to be honest. But see, as you grow older, you come to realise that another year is just another day. When the clock strikes 12, everything resets back to 00:00. It’s not exactly a pow-wow magical transition. There’s certainly no fairy godmother poofing out of thin air congratulating you on the beginning of a new year, or some sort of withcraft and wizardry casting any good luck charm on you, even though U dream the day that perhaps Hagrid may come smashing through my door, handing me the invitation to Hogwards.

When I was younger, I would stay up all night, no matter how tired I was, to celebrate New Years. And because fantacizing about something makes everything instantly more appealing New Years would seem like a magical moment when all bad things would instantly disappear. But now at 24 years old, I know that things ain’t so perfect! Problems will still be problems, your  enemies will still be your enemies and hate you to your guts, and when you go back to the office the next day, that pile of work that you ditched for the NYE party will still be staring at your face when you turn up in the morning.

So what’s the point of celebrating the transition of one ordinary day to another ordinary day in history? There is really no point in writing down all your resolutions at the end of one year knowing that they will just be waiting to be broken by the end of next year?

Rather, shouldn’t we just treat every day as special as each new years eve? Make resolutions for everyday and make everyday count?

Let’s not be ambitious and set ridiculously hard goals that you know you might not keep at the end of the year, but make little goals that are practical and achievable so you can actually work towards an attainable goal.

Show a little appreciation to the bartender at Starbucks who makes your coffee every morning by saying Thank You a little louder, a little more sincere; Hold out the door for the person entering the door after you at the mall; Be a little more thoughtful and environmentally friendly by bringing your own eating utensils to work so you don’t need to use non-reusable chopsticks, etc. Perform a small random act of kindness each day makes all the difference and I guarantee you, by the end of this year, you will feel a lot better about yourself. And who cares if you couldn’t lose that extra few pounds at the end of the year; all it matters is that you now have a bigger heart and a much better conscience.

Happy 2013 everyone. Hope you had a lovely NYE with your friends and family.


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