Holiday Season 8

Holiday Season 8
This time – red dresses. To me, nothing screams Christmas more than red dresses. I really like wearing red for some odd reason. There was a time in my life where I wore red in all the possible ways I could, but I was decent enough to only wear it as accessories. So I’d wear a red bag, red watch, wear red lipsticks, red wallet, red shoes….
It was quite an obsession… And now, I only wear it bigger and bolder! For this Christmas, why not try out something bold and fun, by wearing a red dress to that NYE party/ Christmas eve. You’d be looking super cute under the mistletoe, I guarantee.
Now, if money weren’t a problem, I’d be wearing that Lanvin dresss and those strappy black heels. They are just meant to be!
And aren’t those bow earrings just adorable? I definitely had Taylor Swift on my mind when I put together this outfit.
But hey, who doesn’t love her? ;)
By the way, Tarte makes excellent lip stains. You should go check them out if you prefer lip stains to lip sticks. Tarte lip stains leave a minty scent to your lips, which is what I like anyways.
Happy December.

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