Holiday Season 6

Holiday Season 6
Definitely giving you guys the whole deal this time. Was shopping with a friend today and got so inspired by the jewelry and colours we saw.
I based this outfit on what Kate Middleton wore one time. She wore a black turtleneck and a houndstooth miniskirt. Her outfit was similar to the one I created right here, except that I provided you guys with a few other choices. But you get the gist.
Since the top was very plain, I went for some patterned minis and played with colors and texture. I really liked the metallic and green tartan the most, but you could go for anything. I wouldn’t pair it with red tartan though because that’d turn the whole thing a bit too “school girl”.
As for shoes, it’d be very classy with some black riding boots, but if you’re not a boots person, you could go for heels or flats, whatever you like. I would go for some maryjanes if I weren’t wearing the riding boots.
And, the most exciting part would be pairing the outfit with bags. Here are some bags that I really like and think they’d go well with the outfit and holiday season – Philip Lim, Chloe, Burberry and Coach this time.
I’m quite impressed with Burberry’s bag choices recently. This one in particular. The silhouette is quite unique and very British in my opinion. Black leather, suede and burned hardware, what’s not to love! I’ve always been a great fan of suede, so probably I’m biased in that sense.
I picked the classic Coach flap shoulder bag because I thought it’s such an easy bag to throw on and because it’s so classic, it goes perfectly with this traditional and preppy look.
Chole’s signature bag in red is of course on the list, and it’ll catch everyone’s attention during the Christmas period. Functional and beautiful, what more could you ask for.
As for Philip Lim, I love the zippers at the side. When it unzips, it expands the bag and transforms the silhouette of the bag completely. A tote bag like that is just made in heaven…
Which one of the 4 bags would you actually pick? And would you like to wear boots with this outfit?

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