Holiday Season 5

Holiday Season 4
Inspired by British street style and rockers all over the world. Started this outfit with a peacoat, and some skinny dark blue jeans. Then proceeded on by adding a green sweater and some black biker boots. I personally really like wearing a peacoat and pairing it with sweaters and jeans. It’s a very classy look for me. You can probably spot me wearing this running around the city on any given day. In fact, I used to rock this almost everyday when I was at school.
For bag, I wanted something casual, so I thought a backpack would be nice for a change. Here I picked a canvas bag. I wanted something laidback yet stylish. This one is blue and burgundy with some brown leather straps, thought it’d be perfect for that schoolboy/British look that I’m going for. Having the schoolboy feel in mind, I went ahead and added some urbanears headphones to it.
This is definitely not your typical Christmas/ Holiday outfit, but I thought it’d still be appropriate since it incorporates the two major Christmas colours together.
Happy December 9th!

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