Holiday Season 2

Holiday Season 2
There is just something about black and gold that scream Christmas. I based this look around this pair of studded Zara ballet flats. I don’t personally own this particular pair of flats, but I own a couple ankle strapped flats that look very similar to these which I’ve seen in store and they look absolutely stunning. They are perfect for people like me who don’t wear a ton of heels because we simply cannot navigate the streets at a towering 7feet height, and also because flats are just so much more comfortable.
Then I moved to picking the right jacket/coat for this outfit. I think a coat is essential in winter because you could always use that extra layer of skin when you’re running around town doing whatever you need to do. At first, I was looking for a trench coat but I stumbled upon this one and thought it was perfect for the feel that I was going for. I wanted to base the look off something that is warm and cozy. A trench then seemed too harsh and structured, so I ofted for this one. I knew I wanted something two-toned and this one, conveniently, is. The grey and taupe colour then set the colour palette for the whole outfit. Then I chose a white sweater and a pair of black leggings to go with it, because I think whites are always winter appropriate and the length of this sweater was long enough to just go with leggings, so why not?
After that everything just fell into place. The clutch was an obvious choice as the whole outfit was kind of black, white and grey, so tieing it in with the gold, I chose one that has a big gold circle plate at the front. And because the coat is so drapey and cozy, I wanted a clutch that is quite boxy to compliment it. But on second thought, perhaps a soft-leather clutch would do it some good as well.
For jewelry, I wanted something that would make a statement since my whole outfit was quite soft and neutral.  And then it dawned on me, what is more outrageous than NYC based DANNIJO?
These pair of earrings are just the ones I was looking for to create that flashy-but-classy feel.
And if you oh-so-incline, you can top the outfit off with some bold lips or nail polish. Here I added a raspberry colour to my colour palette hoping to create a more Christmasy vibe to this look.
And yes, happy December 2nd!

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