Holiday Season 1

Holiday Season
Playing with colours this time. I’ve been really into green lately for some reason, so I picked it to be the central colour for this outfit. Pairing it with some neutrals like grey/ taupe, because I thought they’d tone down the stark green. And to be honest, I also consider blue as a neutral because it goes with everything and anything. I actually have a ton of blue in my closet and sometimes I end up going out like a blue blob wearing from head to toe blue without realising that…
Adding the white blazer and boxy shoulder bag on top to pull everything together and make the look more dressed up and formal, whereas the wedged boots add a bit of playfulness to the outfit.
For accessories, I thought that some colourful bracelets would jazz up the outfit. The green in the bracelet also ties it together and completes the look.
This outfit would be perfect for going out with friends for lunch during the holiday season don’t you think? Happy 1st of December!

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