A new beginning

When I was a kid, September had always meant new school bags, new notebooks and new stationery. And that is how I, as a kid, didn’t think September was that bad, because at least I had new stuff to play with.

While a new school bag signifies the start of a new school year, a new group of friends, a new home room teacher and a new set of targets, in college, new books, new room mates and a new class schedule equal a new school year. It was such a hassle running back and forth getting all the books you need between bookstores and online secondhand book websites, but it was meaningful. It was meaningful in a sense that I felt like I’m working hard for something, whatever that something is.

But this year was different. I didn’t need a school bag, new books or a new room mate. But I still felt like I needed a symbol – a little something to tell me that a new beginning is coming.

So this time, I decided to get myself something out of the ordinary. Some people get themselves little gifts like a new laptop, a new designer bag, a new watch or jewelry to reward themselves for their hard work. But me being well, me, I got this –

(pay attention to my left ear)


Now this wraps up my college years and marks the beginning of my career. :)

Let’s do this!


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