Lesson of the Day: Face Your Fears.

How many times have you told yourself you can’t do something just because you’re terrified of the idea of doing that something? Have you thought of how many growing opportunities would you have salvaged if you had said “yes” instead of “no”?

I’ve been taking yoga classes regularly ever since I got back from Vancouver. My mom is a yoga junkie, she goes to the yoga center at least two times a week, never fails. She began her yoga journey about 5 years ago. She started as the world’s most inflexible person to now where she had advanced to intermediate classes where you had to put your leg on your head and hold for a minute. And she’s no teenager no more. Crazy eh?

I started yoga about the same time she did, but never persisted my practices. I would do it for a few weeks and decided my muscles have had enough training for the time being and stop because I had to leave Hong Kong for school anyways, so technically I’m “forced” to give up yoga. Even though I would pick it back up whenever I come back, it’s not the same deal anymore. Yoga is like dancing or any other sports for that matter, practice makes perfect and it’s not just any practice, it’s continued practice. You can’t just do it for 1 day, stop for 3 months and start again expecting that what you learned is going to stay in your body. Yoga is about mind, soul and body. I know it sounds cheezy but it’s true. It’s only when you combine the three things together that you can perform the best. In yoga we always say, open your heart, and we don’t just mean it literally. In yoga we need to always be open to new experiences, new sensations, new postures. When you close off yourself to new things, it’s really hard to discover what your true potentials are.

Everytime I finish practicing yoga, my mind would feel so inspired but my body isn’t. It would ache for days and then I would delay all my yoga practices until my body “completely recovers” (god knows when that happens). But last weekend I decided to face my fear and do it for two days in a row. Okay, for the record, every yoga instructor focuses on different postures/flow, and different classes have different intensity and the intensity also depends on how flexible your body is, so even if the one next to you is having a chill time at Hatha, it doesn’t mean you are. Back to topic: so, after my first day of Hatha, my body was already aching like it “should” be. My arms were sore, my body was aching and I could hardly walk. But since it’s summer and I was really dedicated to getting healthy so I decided to give it a go, two days of Hatha that is. And guess what, the second day of yoga wasn’t that bad afterall! The flow was even smoother and better! I was so surprised! I always thought that I would die in the middle of a practice if I did it two days in a row, but apparently not! It even got better. If I had never given it a go, and opened my heart, I would have never guessed that I could do something. Because I was terrified of the whole new experience, because I wasn’t trusting my body, because I was so close-minded, I’ve missed out on opportunities like these where I could have strengthened my body and soul. Growth is such a magical thing. First you get hurt, second you lose trust, but eventually you earn back faith and strength.

(source: http://www.remodelaholic.com/)

So I guess the point is this: don’t ever think you can’t do something just because of the fear inside you that you have created for yourself. It’s only fearful because you think it is. There is nothing scarier in the world than the little demon that you have created and fed with anxiety and suspicion.

Remember this: living is not being alive. If you wish to be alive, start taking risks because at the end of the day, risks help you grow.


One thought on “Lesson of the Day: Face Your Fears.

  1. First of all, great post! I feel you minus the ache. For me, I stopped aching after two classes in a row (maybe i’m a natural in connecting with my mind and body lol jk)
    Second of all, why do you have ads now in your blog posts?

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