This Week!

Recently just got back from a trip to New York and Toronto and it was a blast! Had just the most amazing time roaming the streets of the busiest city in the world. Walking around the city by yourself is like going on a treasure hunt – you have no idea what you could walk into and stumble upon. It might just be a cute little pastry store right around the corner or a secluded park sitting there just waiting for you to discover it. One of the things that I like to do when I’m travelling is to take their subways/ public transportations. There is so much you can find out about the city just by taking their public transit system: the history, the people, the economy, the culture…

Before heading to New York, people (mostly adult relatives in the family) have been telling me how dangerous it can be in New York. My friend’s bf even scared her with multiple mugging stories and gangster crimes. But honestly, the most important thing to navigate your way around a city without drawing attention is to look like you know where you’re going. Even if you’re not confident in where exactly you’re headed to, at least LOOK like you know where you’re headed to. Don’t be too paranoid by the thought that someone will try to steal from you. Because if you think you will, you probably will. What you are thinking in your head ultimately gets projected onto how you behave and act around people.

New York is such an exciting place and dynamic city to be at, and I’d love to spend some time working there in the future if that’s ever possible!

But for now, all this travelling has to stop for a bit because I’m GRADUATING on FRIDAY! After four years of hard work and countless sleepless nights in between, I’m finally wearing my last graduation gown in my life. When I walk on that stage on Friday to receive my university degree diploma, I will be officially done with my education. This means a lot… This means I’m finally an “adult” in whom the society has certain expectations… Scary thought, isn’t it?

BUTTT! Let’s not let this worry me for the time being, because for now, picking out my graduation dress is more important than anything! :) HEHE

For those who are also graduating this year, happy graduation! May the future be good! GOOD LUCK!


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