Peach & Green

Peach & Green
Peach & Green by cherileung featuring leather boots

Boho chic meets Desert cowgirl. It’s not like I have any of the above items but I’d very much like to have them all. I have a pair of booties that look similar to the ones on the right but they are nothing like the perfect combo of laced up & mid-high chunky heels. Those chelsea boots are also a must-have. I find them very versatile and they almost go with everything in my closet. Must acquire some time soon.

I also like the combination of different textures on the vintage style looking bucket bag. It’s almost like vintage carpet meets cowboy leather. Very Western. It reminds me of those Clint Eastwood cowboy movies. Here’s a picture of the handsome Mr. Eastwood, get my drift?

Peach is another colour that you’ll be seeing a lot this spring/summer. It’s been on some major fashion trends for some time now, and I think it’s about time for me to get some. H&M has some pretty awesome peach-colour items incorporated into their current collection, such as flowy tops, shirts, bracelets. I honestly think peach and rusty red are going big this summer.


Like I said, tan (camel), peach and rusty red!

Nudy might be making a come-back, don’t you think? Colour-blocing is fun, but when it comes to timeless style, nude & black are definitely coming with me. And by the way, floral for spring/summer is so overdone. SO OVERDONE.

(But I’d still be wearing it because I’m frugal like that.)

Have a wonderful week everyone! xx


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