Love & Other Drugs


This was a movie that came out a few months ago. I didn’t really pay attention to it because it struck me as a typical American romantic comedy and it didn’t really have anything else to offer other than Jake and Anne. And I was right.

Well apart from the fact that I’m a Psyc Major student and I could understand the diseases (and the symptoms) that were described in the movie, I find the movie rather straightforward and dull. There was no surprise.

The movie starts off by saying that Jake and Anne are both diagnosed with some sort of disorder. Jamie (played by Jake) can’t stay still at one place because of his ADHD and ends up being a Drug Rep for the (in)famous pharmaceutical company Pfizer. Maggie (played by Anne) can’t settle down because she got dumped by someone before and can’t bear the pain of going through that again. She also has Parkinson’s disease which complicates the whole situation of falling in love. So instead, they both settle on temporary sexual partners and are terrified by the idea of commitment and falling in love.

It could have been a great story if it hadn’t been so cheesy. I find the story unconvincing because 1) Jake wasn’t really portraying the role of an ADHD patient very well. He’s got the flirtatious charming Drug Rep role down, but he didn’t really bring it back to how that is a masking of his low self-esteem and overcompensation/competitiveness. 2) There weren’t a whole lot of scenes dedicated to portraying how the two characters feel about each other except for the sex scenes. However, I was impressed by Anne’s performance as a Parkinson’s disease patient at one point. She did a great job, well initially. She failed to keep up with it and she got so feisty at the scene that she seemed to have forgotten the fact that she’s sick! (omg for goodness’ sake, be consistent!)

But there’s also one thing that I should mention and applaud them: their professionalism. Anne had a few nude scenes in the movie and she seemed perfectly comfortable in it. Jake also had a few shots where he was naked. Both handled it very well and were apparently at ease while filming. And may I say, great body you guys! ;)

I realise that the screenwriter/ director probably had a whole lot to say about a whole lot of other things too (e.g. the mentality, the frustration, the loneliness of a chronically ill patient…). But bear in mind, one can only do so much in a commercial film… The box office is all that matters.

PS. I have almost forgotten that this isn’t the first time they made a film together (remember Brokeback Mountain?)

notetoself: rewatch it for Vday. remind myself of the diversity of love.


One thought on “Love & Other Drugs

  1. Ditto that, I didn’t pay attention to it before and just recently watch it. My first reaction was – wow, Anne Hathaway really got the guts lol. They both did. And yes, I really applaud on their acting/actions too.

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