This Week!

Hey lovelies!

I realize that I haven’t done “This week!” posts in a while so I thought I’d give you all a quick update of my life plus some interesting links I’ve found over the last week! :)


Awww, so cute.

  • Been obsessed with this song lately. She’s an amazing singer/songwriter. I love her for being so outspoken.
  • Saw this on youtube one day and boy, I’m falling in love with Gwen all over again. (PS. I want that lipstick!)
  • Very much in love with Bath & Body Works. I love my black raspberry vanilla body cream. Every time I put it on before bed, it makes me want to just eat it! And it makes my comforter smell amazing the next day I wake up :3
  • Ahh, Vancouver’s been raining a lot this week. BUT, it beats snowing heavily like it is right now on the East Coast eh? At least tights and skirts are still do-able under the Vancouver weather.
  • Monday will be the last day of my 1-month cleansing routine! I’m so excited to share my experience with you all. :) So excited.
  • Vancouver Dine Out on Sunday. This is a Vancouver event where local restaurants can participate by providing restaurant go-ers with a choice of either a $18, $28, $38 3-course meal. It sounds amazing, doesn’t it? I’ve been meaning to go for the past 3 years I’ve been here, but no such luck since it’s always during midterm period. But alas! This year I get to go and am super excited about it! :) Maybe I’ll post some pictures up on my blog (if the camera on my phone decides to behave). :/
  • Tangled. Such a heartwarming movie. Here is a cover done by the talented Nick Pitera on the song “I See The Light”.


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