Declutter Your Life

University life can get a tad too hectic. As a fourth year student, I think I know best. It can be really difficult juggling all that homework and group meetings at once. And sometimes you just feel like you want to strangle someone and yell “STOP!” at the top of your lungs. The best way to get rid of all that stress is to organize. Out with the old, and tidy up your mess! It’s all about decluttering. However, not only does your school life need to be decluttered, your social life does too! If juggling school work is hard, try juggling more than 1000 friends on Facebook. That is just pure madness! Honestly, how many of them do you really talk to on a day-to-day basis?

Remember when there was a time when you would actually call someone who you wanted to talk with instead of posting a message on that person’s Facebook wall? Yes, sounds prehistoric eh? But no, that was only about 10 years ago! Hardly prehistoric! Technology and social media nowadays have become so convenient that you wouldn’t even give it a second thought before settling on the means of contact, most of you will probably go for the least personal method – a text or a wall post, simply because they require the least mental energy as you don’t need to worry about intonations and any nonverbal cues. Indeed, there is nothing wrong with texting and wall posting. But as technology evolves, it seems that we are spending less time talking to people face to face. Of course there is still Skype where we can set up video conferences to “see” our loved ones, but that is hardly the same.

The ease of just adding someone as a “Friend” on Facebook is not enhancing the quality of our relationships one bit. When you “accept” that Friend Request, how well do you actually know that person? Chances are that the two of you are just acquaintances to say the most. Perhaps, you two just met in a class, were introduced through mutual friends or maybe exchanged greetings at a social gathering.

November 17th was National Unfriend Day. Jimmy Kimmel proudly announced that we should cut off some “friend fat” and get some real friends. Here is a video on his take on “friend fat”

The definition of friends is indeed getting more blurry than ever, and the quality of our relationships don’t seem to get any better either. So, what do we do now? We have tons of friends “for show”, but how many do we really know? It seems like the start of a new decade in the Y2K is the perfect time to shed some of those “friend fat”!



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