The White Shirt

If you ask me what is the sexiest clothing a woman can be wearing, it’d be the white shirt. oversized, borrowed from the boyfriend kind of white shirt.

There’s something about the white, and something about the shirt. It’s that sparkling white, loosely hanging on a woman’s body that transformed the whole shirt to the ultimate feminine item. It’s the way it leaves you wonder what’s underneath that white shirt that makes the whole piece of clothing the ultimate sex appeal. Sex appeal is never about how much skin you reveal, it’s about how much imagination you are able to evoke with the amount of skin you’re showing.

No matter how you dress it, it’s still classic and timeless. You can pair it with jeans to dress it down, pair it with a skirt to make it office-friendly, or wear it with shorts to evoke that Mediterranean vibe and holiday mood.

And don’t forget to accessorize. Bangles are essential to creating that holiday mood, but so are straw hats, shorts and a pair of golden sandals (heel or no-heel, and notice how I said sandals, not flipflops). For a office-friendly outfit, the bag and jacket makes the outfit. Don your best blazer and a satchel for the optimal effect to a professional look. While sandals are a must for the beach, it’s a no-no for the work place. Try a pair of peep-toes if showing toes is your jazz, if not, pumps and flats should be your go-to.

For a night out or a stroll downtown, the sky is the limit! But avoid pairing it with what you’d normally wear for work, because people WILL be wondering, “did you just get off of work”. And if you’re not, that’d be a hell of an embarrassing moment. So, be creative with accessories like earrings, necklaces and jackets! A pair of light jeans (skinny or straight), wear your shirt tucked in or hanging out. Tucked in would make the whole look seem more put together but be careful again for that “off the work” comment. You can of course turn it around by wearing some awesome statement necklaces or a fabulous clutch.

Here is how I would do it:

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Your jeans do not have to be full length either! Wear a tailored shirt with your boyfriend jeans, or your boyfriend shirt with some skinny jeans/ rolled up straight-legged jeans. It’s all about proportions and texture. Play with it, have fun with it! Fashion is never about rules! You can even wear white on white.

If you’re looking for some more cool shirt-wearing ideas, check out this site:


One thought on “The White Shirt

  1. THAT’S HOT! especially if the shirt is wet (ok that was highly inappropriate, are you going to be deleting my comment now?)

    Anyway, when I was at the outlet mall in Niagara Falls, some place was selling this shirt marketed as the “boyfriend shirt” lol. It’s supposed to look like a shirt borrowed from the bf but it’s cut to be a girl’s shirt, you know, with the waist trimmed in and all (Shirley pointed that out.). You must really be onto something.

    BTW you write blogs early the in morning lol.

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