This Week!


Hey cupcakes! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! So here is my “this week!” –

  • Took my grad photo this week. Hmm, it was pretty intimidating because it’s actually my first time taking a photo at a studio (well technically second, but I didn’t know what I was doing the first time, so I’d take this as my “first “). The studio looked pretty legit! AND, the most amazing part was, the photographer that took my picture and I actually have a lot of mutual friends back in HK! How cool is that! If she didn’t ask me where I went to HS, we would never know! Wow, small world indeed.
  • First Snow. It snowed two days ago, and it looks so pretty outside! Everything is like covered with a coat of icing on top! :)
  • Finally decided on some summer plans! Hehehe. (And yes, I know it’s just December and it’s still snowing outside.)
  • Hot pot with friends. This is actually a pretty Asian thing. If you guys don’t know what hotpot is, it’s just like eating from the pot while it’s cooking, but you get to do it with a bunch of people. It might not sound glamorous at all, but it is pretty much the most glorious thing for me, food-wise. :3

Anyway! Christmas is just a month away. Can you believe it?


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