This Week!

Well I said I was going to be back.

This time’s “This Week” post is going to be a mega-post on things that inspired me over the last month, some current favourites, and some eye-candies! Let the adventure begin!


  • This pair of shoes by Haus of Price. I am going to DIY a pair of my own one day. I will! And when I’m done, it’s going to be the most awesome pair of shoes ever! :)
  • This man’s philosophy is one that I hold close to my heart: no one should be judgmental, learn to accept and make the best out of everything. His artwork demonstrates just that beautifully.


  • Lanvin for h&m. Amazing. I have no words. Will you be getting your hands on some?
  • Aren’t these earrings gorgeous? I love!


  • Pixiwoo. They are probably at the top of my must-watch youtube makeup guru list. Their makeup skills are just amazing. Not only do they do normal everyday looks, they also do crazy, fun, artsy make-up, like this one with Illamasqua. They teach you practical skills (offer free lessons basically) so that ordinary girls (like myself) can also make use of it and feel inspired as well. I love them!
  • Beautycrush.How can you not love her! Her bubbly personality is just so fun to watch on youtube. I feel like she’s already family after watching a couple of her videos. She shares makeup tips, “outfit of the day” videos and hauls. The thing that catches my attention the most is her unique grunge-meets-rock style, and you get a huge contrast from how she dresses herself & how she presents herself when she speaks. She has such an interesting personality that you definitely won’t regret checking her out.


  • Love the Way You Lie Part II by Rihanna feat. Eminem

Certainly nothing is worse than hurting the person you love.
Just because you love that person doesn’t mean you should tolerate it. It is not healthy and it is most definitely not the way love should be.

Hehee. Wish you guys a wonderful weekend!


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