This Week!

  • Feeling more powerful than ever!
  • New Acquisitions! YESYESYES. Retail therapy is my best kind of therapy & I think Freud should re-think his psychoanalytic techniques!

  • Baby carrots are at the top of my “favourite veggies” of the month! :) I eat them raw (with or without dipping) or just boil them in plain water. YUMM.
  • Dressing up to just ordinary dinners. Nice outfits are important, not because I want to impress anyone; they’re important only because they make me feel more confident than ever!
  • Drinking TEA. I’m getting back into my routine of tea & coffee (lord behold nothing will go wrong with my stomach).
  • ALSO! Can’t wait for MAC’s Venomous Villains Collection to come out!
  • Video Treat: If I Die Young by The Band Perry

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I have some personal projects going on this week but hopefully everything will turn out okay!

What is waiting for you all this week?



5 thoughts on “This Week!

  1. ohh i saw the MAC villain collection.
    What’s the difference though, it’s all just packaging sheesh hahah

    AND NEWWW SHOOEEESS!!!! so jealous, i want new ankle boots too!!

  2. love it!
    great spurt of inspiration
    your blog is a great collection of different photos
    keep it up, i’ll be back for sure!
    come visit COSMICaroline!


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