Currently In Love With…

This week I’m loving:

  • Being back on campus. The sky is so blue, the air is so fresh, the sun is so warm….
  • Catching up with friends. It’s been a fun summer but I definitely miss all my lovelies over here. :) Dinners, coffee dates, lunches & much more to come.
  • Watching what I eat. It just feels incredibly good when you know that you’re eating healthy: sandwiches over a&w, fruits over cookies, water over coke, veggies over fries.
  • Taylor Swift’s “mine
  • The movie “Love in A Puff
  • Receiving emails from my mom. I love that woman.
  • Chilly nights and I get to curl up in my bed.
  • Dressing pretty to classes (well, do it while the good weather lasts!).
  • This MV.

Happy Friday!


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