Currently In Love With…

  • Karaoke sessions with my lovelies. They are truly the most amazing people on earth and I enjoy every single moment spent with them!
  • My new rings! I got these from h&m. They come in a pack of six and you can do lots of different combinations with them. I like to wear them in twos, because they’re a bit tiny and wearing them in bunches is just perfect!
  • Coffee at Central. My friend brought me to a very relaxing coffee shop in Central yesterday and oh my! they do make good coffee. I ordered a latte (my favourite obv) and my friend ordered a mocha. That latte was wonderful. I was so tempted to get another one to-go, but given my stomach’s just recovered, I think I’ll save that for another day. Wait for me good-lord-amazing coffee! :)
  • Experimenting with my DSLR. I know I don’t take pictures often enough and I probably did a million things wrong as a beginner. But hey, practice makes perfect and I’m sure I’ll get better at it! However, I need help people, does anyone know how to get rid of the dust I get when taking pictures? I tried cleaning the lenses but that doesn’t work! Does that mean I need to get my camera fixed somewhere? :( You see those black dots? What should I do!

Anyway, my week has been nothing but wonderful! I hope yours is too! Cheers. :)


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