Eye Candy: Leonardo DiCaprio

Please welcome the legendary Leo. My first movie of him was Romeo + Juliet and that was also when I fell in love with Shakespeare. He was great in R+J with Claire Danes. It was such a simple  story but delivered with so much emotion, so much intensity, so much passion. I was blown away by his performance. I never knew Shakespearean lines could make a guy so sexy. And then there was Titanic. James Cameron was able to retell the beautiful story of Jack and Rose, the unsinkable, and the last song the quartet played. He not only put Leo at the peak of his career, but also made Leo and Kate the best on-screen couple (in my opinion). But the magic didn’t stop there. Recently, Leo and Kate reunited on screen for Revolutionary Road. Given how many years have passed, it’s only normal for them to tell the story of an American suburban couple in their mid-30s. The story was so captivating that I dove right into it the moment they came on screen. And I said to myself, they still have it; he still has it.

I love Leo as an actor also because he is versatile. He is able to convince you to believe that the movie you’re watching is not just a movie, it’s real and it’s happening. Blood Diamond was the movie where he was a South African diamond smuggler. Needless to say, wonderful performance. I swear, Leo makes the South African accent sound like French :3. The latest Leo movie I watched was Shutter Island, a movie that I have been meaning to watch. Again, Leo did not let me down.

And now, I’m waiting for Inception (in IMAX!). This is going to be epic.


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