A Day At The Office

Hi lovelies! If you’ve been reading my blog, you would know that I’m now spending most of my time interning and gaining some work experience in the HR department at a major handbag company. But what you don’t know is how my day actually is. So I’ve decided to show you a glimpse of a day inside the world of “The Devil wears Prada” minus the “Prada” and what I’ve learned so far :)

So here is my travel/work/time log for last Monday:

7:00am: Tme to wake up for my morning shower. The morning shower is not to be underestimated. It’s much needed for nice hair.

7:45am: BUS. Taking the bus to Central (the CBD of HK) isn’t exactly fun. I don’t think I’m fully awake yet… Note to self: stop by 7-11 for milk tea and bread. I’m starving.

8:23am: Right on time. Here I am at Central Exchange Square bus terminal, heading towards the pier. I see Coral de Cafe, wonder if I should stop by. But judging by the sight of the long lineup, I better wait till I get to Tsim Sha Tsui and get breakfast there.

8:40am: Plenty of time. 7-11 here I come. Wow, $8.40 for a loaf of bread and Vitasoy! SCORE! I haven’t had a Vitasoy in ages… I think I’d go with Malt Vitasoy. Yummm.

8:54am: Turning on computer, check outlook, check yahoomail, check facebook. Let me also check the score for the 2:30am match. WHEEEE.

9:05am: Big Boss comes in. She looks like she’s in a hurry ALL THE TIME, which is pretty intimidating (in a good way though, it sure wakes me up 1000 times more efficiently than anything else).

9:20am: Small Boss comes in. Here we go, work work work. Termination reports, probation reports, master files! LETS DO THIS!

12:30pm: I’m starving! YES small boss and co. just asked me to go to lunch with them. YAY for a much needed break.

3:30pm: I am going blind. It’s been 3 hours already? I don’t even realise…

6:30pm: GG Excel & HRIS. See you tomorrow.

7:30pm: Stuck on the bus, and stomach’s grumbling. I need food. Meanwhile, I guess I’ll just catch up on sleep.


9:30pm: Shower.


12:ooam: Alarm @ 7am. Lights off. World off.

Lesson learned:

  • Appreciating everything my parents have been doing for the past 20 years a lot more.
  • Learning is observing.
  • Think before you act. Double check everything.
  • Always bring a notebook with you.
  • Pay attention to little details.
  • Have a cardigan beside you at all times. Meeting rooms can be very cold.
  • Shower in the morning is mandatory.
  • Heels are overrated, all you need is a pair of comfy shoes. If you must wear heels to work, consider bringing a pair of flipflops to work and wear them either on your way to work and change them as soon as you step into the office or wear them while you’re at your desk doing computer work.
  • Dinners at home have never tasted better. (they also do good deeds to your wallet!)
  • Sunday (night) is for resting. AMEN.

I hope everyone is enjoying whatever they’re doing in Summer! :) For those who are also interning, tell me how your regular days are like! :)


One thought on “A Day At The Office

  1. You always give me good insights of what to write in my journal but still… i don’t wanna copy :P

    P.S. you should’ve wrote this today instead of yesterday haha

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