This Week!

Hi lovelies! It was pouring in Hong Kong today. Ugh, how I hate to be out and about in such bad weather! It did dampen my mood quite a bit because my shoes were soaked! But I bought myself a pair of flipflops at H&M so my feet can breathe again, and I felt so much better after that!

Oh, and to all the GG fans out there. Here you go.

Heh, sorry guys, I couldn’t resist.

I hope everyone’s having a lovely week! Here is my week:

  • Out wandering in the woods. Well if you only dwell in the city (aka HK island & the Kowloon Peninsula), there isn’t really much greenery. But if you go further into the New Territories, you’d find that there IS a great deal of scenery that you might have never imagined to even exist on this tiny little island of ours. I went to Tai Mei Tuk & the Bride’s Pool at the New Territories earlier this week and it was unbelievably beautiful. The old me would have never even set foot into the woods, but the new me is willing to take up the challenge, despite being in an inappropriate outfit, heh. There is so much more for me to see; so much more for me to experience. :3
  • New shoes! The original plan was to get flats for my roomie because she actually needed new ones, but I ended up buying myself a pair of red ones within the first 15 minutes that we were in the store… Oh shoes shoes, you are indeed my weak point.
  • GG finale. Uh okay. People have to watch it. There are way too many surprises; way too many bombs. Way to keep us hanging GG producers with what happened in the end. Hmm, this is going to be interesting.
  • Reading Time Magazine has been my latest obsession. Not to sound snobbish or anything, but people have to read it. It teaches you so many new things, and it’s so easy to carry around with you. Just fold it into halves and then tuck it in your purse! READY TO GO!
  • New Book: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. If you’ve read the original Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice, maybe you should give this a shot. It’s not exceptionally good, but it’s hilarious. If you remember how the sentences are structured and how everything goes, you’ll definitely find this one funny and interesting. I’d say it’s quite random at some point because of the unnecessary and bizarre Zombie comments, but that’s what makes it funny. It’s the mix of absurdity and classical literature that modernizes the old love story of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy.
  • Oh no! My pencil eyeliner is running out! I’m currently using Shiseido’s pencil eyeliner in black. I was looking for the very same one last time I was at the department store, but it seems like they discontinued it! :( So looks like I have an excuse to look for a new one! Any recommendations? :)

2 thoughts on “This Week!

  1. The GG post is definitely for me!!
    That episode was by far the best, you can basically not watch the entire season and just watch that..or may not quite..but I was okay with skipping the last 2 episodes before the finale haha.

    ANd what you’re buying shoess for your roomie?? what about meeee haha

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