Eye Candy: RDJ

Hello, rdj.

Being the leading character of a Marvel movie definitely has its perks. You get to live the dream of every man once had when he was a kid, AND, get this, look super hot. Hello rdj, hello Tony Stark, hello iron man.

After watching two (technically three) movies from RDJ in a row, I am pleased to announce that RDJ has successfully made it to my most favourite actors as an American (and probably the only American actor, wait, I do kind of like Will Smith too…).

The first movie of his that I watched was Sherlock Holmes. The movie wasn’t too bad. It was quite entertaining actually and I really liked the way they told the story. Rachel McAdams was stunning by the way.

And then it was Iron Man 1&2. Needless to say, those were amazing. I thought the first half of both movies were a bit flat but they both lived up to its expectation starting from the second half. The fighting scenes were exciting and fun to watch. Imagine that you have all the money in the world, so you build an expo that’s almost as large as a theme park and then, you blow everything up. Yes, that’s what you do when you’re Tony Stark.

And I must say, the Audi in Iron Man almost made my heart stop. Oh my, how I love to see a handsome looking guy walking out of a breath-taking car.

If you still haven’t seen the new Iron Man movie, you should! I highly recommend it because it’s a Marvel and it’s RDJ. :)


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