This Week!

Well well, I’m back in Hong Kong right now and it’s PARTY time! It’s only been a week but I’m already having so much fun! Hope you are enjoying your summer as well lovelies!

  • First night out since I got back was exhausting! I feel so old (really, I’m only 21!). I had so much fun finding my way to the dance floor. And seriously, I don’t think I’ve reached my limit yet. I need to hit that at some point just to find out.
  • Roomie gathering at SOHO! YES, probably the best chillax get-together so far. I would really like to live a nomadic life and have brunch every Sunday. FYI, brunch at SOHO serves from 8am to 5pm. What kind of brunch is that!
  • I finally got to watch Shutter Island, Fantastic Mr Fox, and Iron Man. They’re all amazing movies! Shutter Island will blow your mind away. It all makes sense in the end. Love how they try to mess with your head and insert all these bits and pieces of images in order to confuse you, but in the end, it all makes sense. I almost fell for the trick! What’s the most interesting movie you’ve seen lately?
  • Almost got ran over by a car. Hmm. Not the best experience in the whole wide world. I’ll bear in mind the fact that I’m no longer in Vancouver and crossing the streets absentmindedly isn’t exactly the best idea.

Hope your first week of summer has been great so far! :)


2 thoughts on “This Week!

  1. whoa! i didn’t know you still haven’t watched shutter island. Shame on you for watching it so late when you’re a psyc major!!! hahaha

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