Currently In Love With…

  • Sushi! Can’t get enough of it! :3
  • Hello by Lionel Richie. It’s an oldie, but also a goodie! Glee made a cover of it recently, and that literally made my heart flutter. So much love. SO MUCH.
  • Working till midnight. I get incredibly productive the minute the clock strikes 12. It’s weird… but I make good use of that 2-3 hours and get loads of work done!
  • Looking forward to FRIDAY, the day I reclaim my freedom! YEPPIE! That means lots of food and shopping!
  • Oh, and this video cracks me up so much because it’s true! How many of you guys do that? Honestly.

2 thoughts on “Currently In Love With…

  1. YES SUSHI! I’ve had 3 sushi dinners in a week haha. It just happened because I ate with different people. Friday’s sushi sucked so bad though… but Saturday’s was awesome and made up for it!

    And yes, can’t get enough. I could have sushi for the next 3 meals and still not tire of it.

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