A Little Distraction…

  • True Colours by Nick Pitera. He’s one of my favourite singers on youtube. Seriously, this guy should be on Broadway. You’ll be surprised, I guarantee.
  • Valium in the Sunshine by Maps. Another amazing artist.
  • Luvisk by Mozella. Very Noisette-ish. Must have for your spring playlist! It makes you almost want to dance under the sun!
  • Empire State of Mind by Lisa Lavie. For all those AKeys fans out there, here’s a version that’s almost as good as hers. I also like the little changes she’s done to the song. They do make a difference.
  • Little House by Amanda Seyfried. Who knew Amanda Seyfried could sing like an angel? What a surprise! She’s got an amazing smile too. Must do an eye candy post on her!
  • Cinema Italiano by Kate Hudson. I adore her! This song is from her movie Nine. I haven’t seen the movie but her song is absolutely amazing.
  • Blame It On the Girls by Mika. Who doesn’t love Mika? I mean, his songs are super positive, and his music videos ALWAYS put a smile on my face. Best thing ever!
  • Around Us by Jonsi. People describe his music as orchestral pop which I complete agree. If you’re familiar with the band Sigur Ros, then you should know him.
  • Stop For A Minute by Keane (Feat. K’Naan). Love it! Check out the video too! It’s really cool, they got Keane and K’Naan singing with everyone else standing still.

2 thoughts on “A Little Distraction…

  1. Hey Cheri! can’t believe you love Nick Pitera! I <3 him tooooo!
    Go and listen his "A Whole New World". the song from Aladdin. It's so AMAZING! he sings for both parts, i mean both soprano and tenor!

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