According to Freud, dreams are the manifestation of your inner desires and subconsciousness. He believed that understanding dreams is just as important as understanding oneself. I don’t analyze my dreams, because they are really plain easy to interpret. Most of my dreams involve friends, family, lovers, or just people I know. Sometimes random people pop up and I have no idea why they’re there. Other times, celebrities come join the party and I wonder why in the first place. I guess dreams just don’t make any sense, do they? Friends of mine have pretty bizarre dreams (to say the least). They dream of being chased after, jumping off the roof of some skyscrapers, or sometimes performing the type of stunt only Lara Croft would be able to do.

But I suppose that’s the beauty of dreams, isn’t it? Dreams aren’t supposed to make sense. They aren’t supposed to be logical. If dreams are, as suggested by Freud the manifestation of our inner desires, then they should be as crazy as possible, as “impossible” as possible. I wonder if humans are the only species that can dream. If we are, we are truly blessed. Because there is nothing better on earth than to be able to imagine the unthinkable, to experience the impossibilities and to expand our horizons infinitely.

What do you normally dream about?


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