I Crave.

There are certain things I crave when I’m stressed. Especially this time of the year, a month before finals, professors start dumping all these tests/ assignments/ projects onto us hoping to get everything marked by the end of the semester and get our grades finalized. I see people suited up almost everywhere on campus (ahem, those business peeps), for a final presentation I suppose. I guess that’d be fun for the first couple of times, but can you imagine wearing that to work every single day? Oh dear, the mere thought of it forever haunts me…

Anyway, I was saying…oh yes, cravings. I get that before exams, and it never fails me.

AND YES, I’m craving for fries! Fries Fries Fries!

Uh, unhealthy? Yes, but nothing beats my desire of some freshly made fries. Hmmmmm… I’m lovin’ it?

What do you guys crave when you’re stressed?


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