Currently In Love With…

  • Taking the longest route I can possibly think of to get home from class. I live on campus, so it’s really just a 15 minute walk tops. But with the weather being so nice (Spring is here!), I deliberately slow down my pace to enjoy the sunshine and do some people-watching. This is my conclusion: people DO dress nicer when the weather is warmer. Haha!
  • Bubble Tea. I could not stress how much I love Bubble Tea. It’s really just tapioca and milk tea, but it tastes incredibly good when you’re just chilling under the sun or hanging out with friends. That’s just yum.
  • Dinner dates! There is nothing like catching up with old friends. So far my dinner dates have been awesome. They are by no means expensive or whatsoever, but my company is amazing and I’m so glad we got a chance to catch up on everything last week! From ramen to burgers; chinese food to sushi; oh boy food does make me happy.
  • This British band called The XX. Video treat:

  • Coke. Hmm, sadly it’s one of my addictions. I can’t seem to function without either coke or coffee. God, save me!
  • Sending birthday cards. I love doing this! One of my best friends birthday is coming up so I got her a really nice birthday gift (I am so tempted to keep it myself!) and of course, a birthday card with lots of hearts and kisses.

What are you guys loving?


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