Guest Post: The Knowledge of Tasting by Janice

Hey everyone, this week we have Janice taking the stage on my guest post section. Thank you Janice! And have fun reading guys!

Hmm, sushi = yum. Enough said.

Do you have an aspiration to become the number one chef? The top food taster in the world? An idol when people think of desserts? It all comes down to how much your tongue can taste. To become ‘the’ one, there are five basic requirements:

  1. Have working taste buds (this isn’t meant to discriminate anyone).
  2. Prepare to get fat; you won’t know how many cakes you’ll eat in a lifetime!
  3. Have an emotional connection with the food you eat (metaphorically).
  4. Developing patience if your level is low.
  5. Simply love food!

Did you pass the test? Congratulations! This means you are ready for the real stuff. Now, for those who are starting to think more about food, what is it? Quoted from my desktop dictionary (too lazy to search online), food is defined as any substance that can be metabolized by an organism to give energy and build tissue or as anything that provides mental stimulus for thinking. Yes, we are the organism that receives energy through consuming food. If we don’t, we die. It will be the end of us, the end of civilization! Forget that, it’s just an exaggerated worse-case scenario. Now the second part, ties into what I have to serve your brain today – the knowledge of tasting.

I forgot to mention that being a taster means bearing responsibility (financially). Be prepared because food is expensive. The better the food, the tastier it will be, and the more expensive it gets! So long as you have the money, you’re set. However, that is only the typical assumption. There are lot foods that are both delicious and cheap, and found especially in Hong Kong. Proceeding to the actual tasting part, imagine you are eating a sushi roll. You can follow the steps below as you bite:

  1. Take a reasonably small bite (don’t be greedy and try to stuff the whole thing into your mouth).
  2. Let it melt a bit in your mouth and on your tongue.
  3. Close your eyes so nothing distracts you.
  4. Taste the initial flavour and texture.
  5. Now slowly chew until more flavour mixes together.
  6. Don’t swallow yet. Simply tell the difference between the initial and current taste.
  7. List the food ingredients if you wish/can.
  8. Chew more and swallow everything (the more you chew the better for your digestion’s sake).
  9. Think about the beginning, middle, and after-taste.
  10. Open your eyes (repeat if necessary).

This is the luxury of tasting delicious food. But if you know some food is only at a decent quality, don’t bother to do anything and just eat it in one gulp. It doesn’t take much effort to become a food taster. It’s easy, it’s simple, and practice makes perfect!

Easter is coming soon and we can celebrate this festival in many ways: Easter egg hunts, paint your Easter eggs, make a bunny gingerbread house, and bring a bunny home, you name it! In addition to the previous guest post, let’s take it one step further! Why not take a look at this cute egg mold product in store as well? Simply put that soft-boiled egg into the plastic mold, snap it shut, open it back up, and voila!

Janice’s personal website:

Janice has a personal website where she puts up her own artwork and dishes.

(I urge you all to go take a look!)


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