A Date with Yourself

Life can get a little bit crazy sometimes. And when it does, what do you do? Do you stress yourself out to the fullest or do you sit back, take a deep breath and continue the journey?

When everything seems to go wrong, the one thing you can probably do is to cheer yourself up and make yourself dance on a rainy day (or stormy day?). There are plenty of ways to do so, the main point is: treat yourself better.

Nothing beats spending quality time with yourself. Because during that time, you get to know yourself better; you clear your head; you discover little things about yourself that you haven’t noticed before. Being alone doesn’t mean being lonely, it can be a very inspiring experience – it’s all about self-actualization, knowing what your goals are and reaching a state of epiphany.

Here are a few suggestions to detoxing your life:

  • Start the day with a shower. And I don’t mean any kind of that “I’m in a hurry for class, just let me hit that shower, 10 min tops” shower. I mean a really long, hot shower where you can take your time, not worry about anything. A no-time-pressure shower. A hot shower in the morning can really do amazing things. It makes you feel more energized and gets you ready for the day!
  • Eat breakfast. And no, not grabbing it on the way while you multitask. NO. Have a proper breakfast instead. Any kind of breakfast of your choice will do, let it be a full English breakfast, scrambled eggs, cereal, or even just a fruit and yogurt. The point is: enjoy your breakfast. Don’t just shove everything in your mouth! My favorite breakfast: french toast with coffee. Oh my!
  • Go take a walk. You don’t need a purpose to take a walk; merely wanting to take a walk is already a legitimate reason for taking that walk. You’d be amazed by how many things you can get out of one walk. iPod is an option, but I don’t recommend it because you’ll be missing out on so many other things that are worth noticing if you divide your attention between the two!
  • Pick a recipe online and do it! Be your own gourmet chef.
  • Watch an inspirational movie. None of that romantic cheesy unrealistic movies however! Recent love: UP!, Howl’s Moving Castle. Or if you feel like going one step further, don’t watch the movie at home on your tv/laptop, actually go to a theatre. You’ll find yourself laughing harder and crying harder because nobody around you knows who you are!
  • Go to bed early. But before going to bed, do some bedtime reading or just play some music first. You might also want to turn off the lights in your room and leave only the bed lamp on. Creating the right environment for sleep is essential for a good night’s rest. For now, my bedtime reading is my instyle magazine; and for music, I’m looping Joe Hisaishi’s (his music is amazing and he’s such an inspiration!). Here is video of him performing live.

Well, basically anything that pleases you is worth doing. Don’t be afraid of spending time alone. Have fun!


3 thoughts on “A Date with Yourself

  1. YOOOO! You totally made the right choice of watching Howl’s Moving Castle! It’s my all-time fav graphic movie, and so is Monsters Inc.

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