Guest Post: Andre

Hey everyone,

From today onwards, I will start putting up posts from other people that I think are interesting and have something to offer in terms of advice on a wide range of topics. From cars to fashion; photography to webdesign; you name it! I hope my blog can serve as a platform for people to meet and exchange knowledge or even just reading it for fun. To start off, I have my friend Andre for my first guest post!

Thank you so much for taking the time, Andre! It was a lot of fun reading your post.

For those of us who live in continental climates, where winters are cold enough to have snow and summers are warm enough to hang out in t-shirts and shorts, we are lucky to be able to experience such a wide range of weather!  Since it’s about time for spring now,  I’m pretty sure most of the girls are thinking about clothes, makeup and getting fit for summer, whereas guys like me are keeping an eye on the temperature for a different reason: we’re waiting for days where it’s consistently above 7 degrees Celsius.

Why? Because right now, my car has some winter tires on:

They have big, chunky grooves to grip on the snow, and little slits in them that help them grip on ice.  The tires are made of a softer rubber too, which will harden up in the cold weather to the perfect hardness.  But this soft rubber gets too soft and wear out when it’s hotter than 7 degrees Celsius, at which point I’ll be putting my summer tires and wheel rims on the car:

The tire rubber is well suited for the hot weather, and the grooves are made for clear pavement and clearing away the water from the rainy days we get in summer.  An added bonus is that I also put my prettier summer wheels on! (I don’t use them in the winter because I don’t want them to get dirty)

Now, some of you who drive in the snow will be thinking “What a waste of money” and “Is this really necessary? I’ve got my all-season tires.”  But consider this: tires are the only thing between the car and the road (unless your car is broken!).  The actual patch of rubber touching the road at any time is slightly larger than the size of our palm, and yet we ask so much of them when we stop, turn, and accelerate our 3000 pound (or more) cars.  Just like how humans wear boots in the winter and sandals in the summer, cars need the right “footwear” to perform safely.  I’m sure you’ve all heard of news reports about cars sliding out of control because of the bad weather. The proper tires, not the horribly compromised “all-season tires”, will give the car much more traction and keep you out of trouble!

Now, for those of you who are still awake by the end of this lecture (I am so sorry), I’ve discovered how to make the perfect soft-boiled egg.  It’s a healthier way of getting at the protein than frying them, and I happen to think that the runny yolks are a lot of fun!  But here’s how I do it:

  1. Boil enough water in a small pot or saucepan so that when you put eggs in, it will be covered by an inch of water.
  2. When the water boils, turn the heat to medium, and carefully put the eggs in.  You might want to lower it with a spoon!
  3. Cook the eggs for 6 minutes.  They say adding a bit of salt to the water makes the egg easier to peel later.  Eggs that are older (old, not rotten!) are also easier to peel!  Cook them for 10 minutes if you want them hard boiled. Any longer, and the sulphur in the yolk will give you a grey film between the yolk and the egg white!
  4. Take eggs out and let them cool by dunking them in cold water.
  5. Peel!
  6. Eat! =)

My only gripe about this is that it uses a lot of water. My solution is to use the water to first cook noodles or something, then take the noodles out and use the water to boil eggs.  Save some water, and the water is already a bit heated!

Oh and for you Asians out there, March 14th (tomorrow) is “White Day”.  Mostly observed in Japan, Valentine’s Day is where girls give gifts to guys, and White Day is where guys give gifts to girls. What that boils down for Asian males that also follow western traditions is that we have to give gifts to girls on Valentine’s Day, and then AGAIN on White Day. Girls must be loving this!

Andre’s personal blog:


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