NAIL it.

Even though the Vancouver weather has been acting weird these days (sunny one day, snowing the other), I believe that Spring-wear is in order! March is here and let’s get ready for the season of blooming flowers and spring dresses!

I’m super excited about the weather finally get a little bit warmer, because that means I can possibly dig out my dresses and skirts and wear them when Mr. Sunshine agrees to show his face. Hee. Well well, even if Mr. Sunshine decides to stay in, us ladies can still certainly start getting ready for the wonderful warm season by dressing up our nails.

Unfortunately, most of my go-to colours are of darker hues. Dark hues may work for the winter and look wonderful for clubbing or night events, they are probably not the best colour that you’d want to be in when you’re going out for a picnic out under the sun. Although there isn’t really any rule as to what colour you SHOULD be wearing, but you’d probably want to avoid looking like a goth queen for a day out in the city when the weather is so nice and cheery right?

A couple of colours for Spring:

  • Coral! I would love to try out this colour. I’m just scared that they’ll make my fingers look like mini-carrots.
  • Nude. Needless to say, that’s the most classic colour and it goes with almost ANY kind of outfit that you have. You also never have to worry about getting your nails right because no one can really see it even you accidentally go out of the edge. The link seems to be showing all the right shades! Love them!
  • Silver. Silver seems to work for all seasons and it goes well with almost any colour. You can try matching silver up with white, black, purple, blue, olive and still look gorgeous. Unfortunately, I don’t own any silver nail polish (yet), but I’ll certainly go hunt for one very soon. OPI’s Happy Anniversary seems like a good choice.
  • Red. Perhaps not Christmas red or crimson, but a more orangy kind of red might do the trick. Too bright of a red may seem like over the top, but a simple red with a hint of orange or pink might tone it down a little bit, just enough to cheer you up without being too outrageous. I still haven’t found my perfect red yet! Any tips?

Various fashion blogs and magazines have suggested olive, light/baby blue and yellow. I’m not sure about how any of those would look on my digits, but they all seem like fun colours. If any of you have tried any of those colours, please let me know so I can perhaps let go of my fear and try them on! :P


3 thoughts on “NAIL it.

  1. i tried blue the other day, too bad i didn’t manage to take a photo of it. it might be strange if you are not used to the “bright colors” but eventually you’ll get used to it, and random people will comment the color on your nails.. :)

  2. I tried the nude color (or something similar) for Essie and its pretty light and not too bad. But it pretty much becomes the same color as your skin – depends if you like that or not. Although I just use light colors, I find it ‘ma ma day’ only.

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