This Week

  • Very excited about Alice in the Wonderland in 3D! My friend said it’s going to be 100 times more amazing in imax though, so for that reason and in the spirit of trying out new things (new goal of 2010), I’m definitely going to do it!
  • Had a woooooonderful day biking in the sun. Vancouver has been holding onto the rain and Mr. Sunshine has decided to show his face these few days! I swear there’s nothing better than chilling under the sun and feeling the cool breeze in your hair.
  • Got new heels and flats from outlet shopping in Seattle. YAY! More motivation to dress nicely to class and organizing more eat-out with friends. Heehee
  • First time grilling chicken. Hmm, let’s just say, I need a little bit more practice. And hey, practice makes perfect, no?
  • Anorexia is horrible. Jessica Simpson is doing the right thing: exposing the horror of mistreating your beautiful body to the extent that your bone sticks out of your skin. What is worse than not loving yourself? Watch the video and change your mindset. Start appreciating your body TODAY.
  • Big Bird is one of my favourite characters on sesame street. So cute!

Well I hope everyone had a great week! Enjoy your weekend!


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