Hello school.

My 2-week reading break has officially ended! (Oh so sad…) But it has definitely been an amazing holiday. Despite the long hours of driving, I’ve seen so much and shopped so much! Heh. San Francisco is so different from Vancouver and I love it.

I don’t think I’ll ever fall out of love with cities. I can’t imagine myself living in the countryside and being so far away from everything else.

Highlights of the trip

  • Visited Berkeley and a friend of mine who goes there. Berkeley is right at the city center and there’s so much to do around the campus. I don’t think I’ll ever get any work done if I went there! Absolute love.
  • Visited Stanford. Stanford is very different from Berkeley. First off, it’s not at the city center even though there are a lot of commercial activities around it. It has a huge campus and the shopping malls around it are even bigger. The buildings are a bit old but that only shows how long of a history they have. Perhaps it’s because they have such a big campus, I didn’t feel as comfortable as I was in Berkeley. If I were to pick an image to represent the two universities, Stanford would be Percy Weasley from Harry Potter, and Berkeley would be the Mac guy from the Apple commercials.
  • Downtown San Francisco. I fell in love with the city immediately. The buildings are very European and close to each other. The view is gorgeous. I highly recommend the cable car rides. You could look at the city at a different perspective. My friend said it was not worth it, but as a tourist, I’d say do it!
  • Japanese food. I don’t really know why, but I had so much Japanese food in San Francisco and it was pretty awesome.

How did your reading week go? Hope you all had fun!


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