Avatar is a combination of Pocahontas, Jurassic Park, Laputa, all wrapped up in one.

Turning blue people into Hollywood’s hottest item isn’t the most amazing thing, turning something so cliche into something so convincing and moving is. James Cameron’s Pandora is probably the most cliche topic you can ever think of, but it’s always the cheesiest line that touches people heart, isn’t it?

Think about Titanic. Poor boy falling in love with a rich girl, breaking all social conventions and the hierarchy of class only to find themselves dying in a shipwreck. It’s not exactly the most innovative story line, but James Cameron was able to put that story into frames in a film and make it huge. Same thing with Avatar. People say it’s Pocahontas in space, which I agree, but it’s also Jurassic Park generation 2. The creatures in Pandora look so prehistoric, yet I don’t think anyone has ever imagined having firefly-like creatures with wings like the propeller of a helicopter, or six-legged black panthers for that matter.

Cameron is creative but there are places where I think he might have took some ideas from other stories or it could just be him coincidentally coming up with similar ideas like other ingenious directors and story-tellers.

Looks familiar? The picture on the top is taken from the movie Laputa: Castle in the Sky. It is a story that was also about a mythical place with advanced technology that floated somewhere in the air that was not polluted nor interrupted by human beings. Everyone wanted it. And behind all this castle was a tree which held everything together. Like the tree in Avatar, it was the source of all energy and where everything was oriented, where everything began. Killing the tree means killing the castle and everything in it. Hmm, I see where you’re coming from Cameron.

However, it is certainly not chance that Cameron chose the topic of the colonization of the indigenous people and their resources. With the world being more concerned about energy, multiculturalism, and other environmental issues, Cameron may just as well be pulling out a banner that says, “here, save the earth you dummies.” And at the same time capitalizing on this opportunity by making big bucks.

I applaud James Cameron for making another sensational movie for it is truly groundbreaking in many ways; but if you ask me if it’s original? I’d step back and think twice.


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