Go Canada Go!

I’ve been having a great time during reading break! The Olympics is sure lighting up Vancouver! The party at downtown is crazy. People are getting drunk, singing the Canadian Anthem, waving the Canadian flag, wearing the Olympic mittens, etc etc! It’s amazing!

Over the break, I went to a free F.I.R. concert at Richmond Ozone. It was my first time listening to them live and it was incredible. They sounded just like the CD!

I also went to see the Olympic Torch at the Waterfront.

I also took quite a few pictures for my little project I mentioned earlier. It’s actually a wager that I have with my friend. We’re going to take 5-10 pictures of the Olympics and our reading break and then I’m going to upload them here for you all the decide which one has the best picture. No matter how it’s going to turn out, I’m glad that it pushed me to going out there for some pictures. I haven’t taken any for waaay too long. So yes, pay attention for updates!

I also watched Avatar (finally!). James Cameron is a genius for he turned something so cliche into something so amazingly mesmerizing. Great CG, simple story plot but flawless execution. There were times when I wanted to use the washroom but I didn’t because I was too eager to find out what will happen next. It was not that the plot was anything special, but because the CG was so pretty and I wanted to see Pandora in Cameron’s eyes. I will be writing a movie review on it later guys!

And now, I have to get back to studying because I’m heading down to San Francisco next week to see the beautiful state of sunshine!


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