It’s finally Friday!

Sorry for the slow updates! I’ve been busy with school work and all. Most of my exams were scheduled before my reading break so I’ve been studying and cramming for the past few weeks. BUT, now that reading break has officially started for me, I will be blogging more for the coming two weeks!

So  here is what I’ve been feeling all excited about:

  • The Winter Olympics 2010 is starting today! I went to see the Olympic Torch with a couple of my friends last night on campus. Too bad it was raining the entire time, or else I would be able to take some better pictures. So far, the pictures I’ve taken were either blurry or too dark… and because I didn’t bring my tripod with me, there’s nothing I can really do. But nonetheless, it was good to see the Torch.
  • Olympic mittens! Aren’t they cute?
  • Came across this article, “Why Bother With the Olympics?”. It’s about how the  Olympics  was never only about bringing people together, there’s also a lot of politics behind it.
  • I have my reading week all planned out! I’m going to shop shop and shop! I also can’t wait to do some explorations and get on with some little projects of mine! Details later.
  • Reading my book Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. Her My Sister’s Keeper was really touching, so hopefully I’ll like this one as much as I liked her other one.
  • Making better breakfasts this week. I am going to keep being healthy and that means no soda, no French fries and more exercises!

How was your week everyone?


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